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    to look slim, fit and sexy!
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You can download GoSexy both on Android and iOS!


GoSexy helps you to reshape your face and body. You can photoshop your face and body with just one tap.

Enhance your pictures and photos to look skinny, slim, fit and taller on your beauty photos. GoSexy is an enhance booth for your portraits, selfies and belfies.

GoSexy has UNIQUE photo editing tools. You can alter the shape of your photo. You will have natural-looking and amazing results! GoSexy offers much more than classic photo filters.

Click on the images to see the tutorial videos about the features


Make yourself thinner! Just press GoSlim and the magic happens. You can easily have a slimming effect on your best photos.


Make impressive curves! Re-touch your photos to make them sexy! Look hot with your bikini or night dress.


Make your body look fit! Great slimming effect on belly, waist, arms and legs. You can GoFit to have a fit body.


Make your lips plump and shiny! No more kissing the camera ! Plump your lips to have thick, glossy, natural looking lips.


Look taller on your photos. Increase your height and have longer legs on your photos. Look tall and lean with GoTall.


Lift your nose. Nose reduction and lifting is easy now.Retouch photos to have nose job, nose surgery effect. Portrait enhancer tool.


Lift your cheekbones! Supermodels have high cheek bones that look amazing on photos. Lift your cheek bones with GoCheek.


Get suntan effect with GoTan. You can have bronze skin on your photos without going to solarium. Get tanned just with one tap.


See what’s included in the App

This image shows the result of the combination of the features GoLipsy, GoNose and GoCheek used.

One tap for perfect smiles!
You can use multiple features
together to get a better look!

Screenshot for the feature GoSexy

Get great curves
and look sexier!

This feature (GoSlim) helps you to look thinner

You can look slim
with the feature GoSlim!

GoSlim can make you look better on photos. Start now

GoSlim can motivate you
to lose weight!

GoTall makes your legs look taller

With GoTall, you can look
taller on the photos.
Again, with just one tap!

GoTan can give you the suntan that you couldn't have this summer

GoTan can give you the perfect
suntan even if you couldn't
sunbathe this summer!


“Easy to Use! Works really good for specific spots that aren't so nice looking 🙈”

- Dani

“I can photoshop my photos and look fabulous on instagram. I really enjoyed it. Great portrait enhancer to slim photos. It can even make extra curves ;) Best photo retouch app on the store. I loved the new menu and GoSoft tool to blur the background. I noticed on social media that soke of thr celebrities use this app - definitely worth a spin!”

- Citymoonest

“Great for work photos. I take a ton of pictures of events this works great for those who are caught off guard and need a bit of tweaking.”

- Ms. Publicity

“I don't use it very often as I don't have the time but I definitely used it a few times on photos on special occasions. The effects depend on the user of course but it is possible to edit photos in a way that isn't super artificial and looks overly "photoshopped"”

- AceKi

“First this app looked to me very plain, but I gave it a shot based on the prized right away after playing with it. This is what I been looking for very quick and it looks natural. Highly recommended if you want to do small changes in your cute pictures.”

- Deadmaue5

“It's like having a tummy tuck without the cost of a plastic surgeon! Easy to use, too!”

- DuhBrunette

“No need for photoshop skills! This app really makes editing your photos incredibly easy! No more need to learn how to use liquify on photoshop.”

- Miley Lover

“This app is the best thing that ever happened for my social media life. I couldn't live without it, it saved my life!!”

- Agcurcio

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